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Swimming Lessons Level 6 to 10

An 8-week swimming course for children who pass the level 5, a continuation of our 10 level swimming programs to give children in search of a higher swimming education. This swimming course is taught by qualified swimming instructor looking to give their knowledge and skill to help and improve your child swimming skills.  

This Swimming course will Focus more on and not limited to:

  • Swimming fitness

  • Swimming technique

  • Learning 3 different strokes

    • Front Crawl

    • Back Crawl

    • Breast Strokes

  • Personal success

  • Water Safety

For more information please don't hesitate and call us at

(506) 548-0729


New Online progress cards click on the button to send you to are swimgen page and place your child's ID to see there progress cards

This Survey is completely anonymous, a google account is require to answer since the survey is limited to one survey per person

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Swimming Level Criteria



These are some of the general guideline to pass the levels there are more criteria evaluated by the instructors. Most skilled most be completed 3 time successfully by the teacher criteria.


  • Distance Swim 75m

  • Dolphin Kick 10m

  • Water Safety

  • Tread Water 1 and a half min

  • Front Dive

  • Front Crawl 25m

  • Back Crawl 25m

  • Elementary Back Stroke 15m

Level 6 Passing Criteria 


  • Distance Swim 150m

  • Water Safety

  • Stride Entry

  • Front Crawl 50m

  • Back Crawl 50m

  • Whip Kick on Front 15m

  • Front Scull 15m

Level 7 Passing Criteria 



  • Distance Swim 300m

  • Water Safety

  • Standing Dive

  • Front Crawl 75m

  • Back Crawl 75m

  • Elementary Backstroke 25m

  • Breast Stroke 15m

Level 8 Passing Criteria 


  • Distance Swim 400m

  • Water Safety

  • Front Crawl 100m

  • Back Crawl 100m

  • Elementary Backstroke 50m

  • Breaststroke 25m

  • Sidestroke Kick 15m

Level 9 Passing Criteria 


  • Distance Swim 500m

  • Dolphin Kick (vertical) 3x10sec

  • Water Safety

  • Front Crawl 100m

  • Back Crawl 100m

  • Elementary Backstroke 50m

  • Breast Stroke 50m

  • Sidestroke 25m

Level 10 Passing Criteria